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"You first parents of the human race...who ruined yourself for an apple, what might you have done for a truffled turkey?"
Jean-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin (1755-1826)

What is a Personal Chef?

A personal Chef is someone with a passion for cooking and brings that passion into your home to share that love of fine food! After conducting a personalized assessment with you to determine your food preferences and particular nutritional needs, your Personal Chef shops for the freshest ingredients possible and prepares delicious meals in your home, bringing with them all the necessary tools and equipment.  When you arrive home, you will find a spotless kitchen,  your refrigerator full of delicious meals and ... the delightful aroma of a day of cooking!

Whether you need to "buy some time" to spend with your family, go to the gym, need assistance with a special diet plan, or just don't like to cook, a Personal Chef is the perfect solution, and Chef Jennifer of The Runcible Spoon, Personal Chef Service would love to become "Your House Chef".

A person Who Needs a Personal Chef?

Busy Professionals
Working Couples
Single Parents
Modern Singles
Affluent Seniors
Health Conscience Individuals
Individuals with Special Dietary Needs

How does a Personal Chef Service work?

After an in-home client interview where we will discuss your likes, dislikes and dietary goals, a cooking date is set up. On that day, I will shop for the groceries for your menu, arrive at your home and prepare the meals in your kitchen, package and label the meals with reheating instructions and either freeze or refrigerate as required. When you arrive home your freezer will be filled with an assortment of meals that will only take a few minutes heating time before they're ready to be enjoyed.

How often do you cook for an average client?

The frequency of cooking dates is based solely on the needs of the client. The Runcible Spoon Personal Chef Service can provide in-home meal preparation as frequently as you need. I have a very flexible schedule and can provide my service as frequently as a client requires.

What if I don't like frozen food?

The U.S. Personal Chef Institute is the premier cooking school for Personal Chefs, and we are specifically trained in preparing dishes for the freezer. The methods we are taught ensure that once reheated, the dishes will taste as if they are freshly prepared. In fact, the U.S. government has contracted the USPCA to teach the flight attendant crews of the U.S. Diplomatic Air Fleet (including Air Force One) this method of food preparation. Additionally, I also offer a "Fresh Service" where I will prepare dishes that can be refrigerated rather than frozen.

Do I have to be home on scheduled cooking days?

No. Once we have set a cooking date I will make arrangements with you regarding arrival time, house keys etc. In general, clients will provide their Personal Chef with access to a house key, but it depends on what you're most comfortable with. As a member of the U.S. Personal Chef Association, and a representative of that organization, I have sworn to adhere to a strict code of ethics in regards to my client's property and privacy. While it is not necessary for you to be home on a cooking day, I always welcome my clients to be present at any time so you may see first hand the quality of my ingredients and how carefully I prepare your menu.

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