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"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into with abandon or not at all."
Harriet Van Horne



With today’s hectic schedules, the answer to "what’s for dinner?" is often delivery, pre-packaged or frozen meals. Bring your family back to the table with healthy and delicious meals customized to your family’s taste and prepared for you in your own home by Chef Jennifer.

Individual menu planning
Grocery shopping the day of service
Freshest vegetables
Quality Meats
Organic available by request


Chef Jennifer simplifies special diets by customizing and preparing a variety of dishes according to your likes, dislikes and special needs. We are all unique and no diet works for everyone. My goal is to make each meal the very best you have ever tasted! I am happy to work closely with your doctor or nutritionist to prepare foods according to your special dietary needs, and I am highly experienced with the following diets:

Food Allergies and Intolerances
Wheat free / Gluten-free
Kosher cooking
Dairy free / Lactose Intolerant
Weight-loss/Weight Gain and Maintenance
Vegetarian, Vegan and Semi-Vegetarian
Heart Healthy
South Beach, Atkins, Mediterranean, Calorie/Portion Control


Are you planning a proposal and want to create a memorable evening your bride-to-be will remember for a lifetime? Or perhaps you want to remind your special someone why you married them so many years ago. Even if you just want to feel pampered for the night, let Chef Jennifer help make the evening spectacular. Chef Jennifer will develop a unique menu for your special evening, prepare and serve the meal and make sure that your evening will be a night to remember.

Chef Jennifer is also happy to work with you to plan those special touches that will make your evening one to remember for a lifetime.

Her favorite flower integrated into the place setting
Imported chocolates on her pillow
Romantic music
Exotic theme décor
Couples Massage


Make your next party one YOU enjoy as much as your guests. Let Chef Jennifer take all the stress out of your party, whether it’s for four or fifty.

Imagine its 5:00 on a Saturday afternoon. You’ve just gotten home from the soccer and 2 T-ball games your kids had all day, and you have 25 people arriving for dinner in just about an hour. That’s when you realize, the table is set, hors d’oeuvres are ready to go, and the delicious smell of dinner in the oven is wafting in from your kitchen. All you need to do is take a quick shower, run a brush through your hair, and you’re ready for a festive evening with friends and family.

At the end of the night when the party is over and all of your guests have left, you find your kitchen spotless. Plates and glasses are washed and put away and you enjoyed yourself all night. Every little detail was taken care of and you were able to mingle with your guests and enjoy a stress free evening. That's when you realize….this was the best party you have ever thrown.

Some of the types of parties Chef Jennifer has done in the past:

Casual Buffet
Elegant Dinners
Tasting menus
Wine parings
Ladies luncheons
Theme dinners from around the world
Corporate parties


Whatever your level of experience, no cooking skills, little experience, or you just want to learn a new type of cuisine, Chef Jennifer loves to teach the art of cooking. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn the basics, a beginner who wants to learn how to prepare that special someone’s favorite meal, or an experienced cook who wants to focus on a specific discipline such as classic Italian or low-fat cooking, Chef Jennifer will set the lesson plan, develop the recipes and menus and shop for your private lesson.

Learn in the privacy of your own home, in your own kitchen
Private lesson from an experienced chef & guest instructor from The New School
Learn “Tricks of the Trade” known only in the industryed at your convenience vs. classes through cooking schools.


Get together with your friends for an evening of fun and entertainment. Chef Jennifer will come to your home and give an educational and interactive demonstration – you choose the topic and the menu and Chef Jennifer provides hands-on instruction for you and your friends.

After preparing the meal, you then sit down and enjoy the wonderful dishes you and your guests have prepared while Chef Jennifer answers your questions and entertains you with some of her “Tales from the Kitchen”.

This is a great evening for:

Girl’s night out
Bachelorette parties
Football/Golf widows
Family gatherings
Corporate team building


Do you have a special event in the near future and want the intimate feel holding it in your home would give it? Chef Jennifer will work with you to plan and arrange all the details of your particular event, from menu, decorations, party rentals, as well as supply the support staff to help everything run smoothly. Perfect for:

Bridal/baby showers
Rehearsal dinners
Bar mitzvahs
Association luncheons/dinners
Anniversary parties


Whether it’s the first time you're preparing the holiday meal for your family and could use some help and advice, or you've been doing it for years, but the family’s grown so big you feel like you're single handedly feeding an army. Don’t spend another holiday waking at the crack of dawn, slaving away in the kitchen, and once the meal is served and the kitchen cleaned, just as you’re ready to relax and enjoy your guests, they’re ready to leave. Let Chef Jennifer help take the stress out of your holiday meal. Chef Jennifer is happy to help you out with all your holiday preparations. Whether you just want someone to help prep out the ingredients, provide menu suggestions and recipes, or prepare the entire meal for you. This holiday you could be:
Sleeping in for a change
Enjoying friends and family
Feasting on real ‘made from scratch’ dishes
Watching the parade or the big game

In addition to using her favorite holiday recipes, Chef Jennifer is also happy to prepare any family favorites using the recipe your mother/aunt/grandmother used to make.


AA Runcible Spoon Personal Chef Service gift certificate is a perfect gift for anyone, from parents & grandparents who are always hard to shop for, to the new bride or mother, family, friends and co-workers or anyone who never seems to have enough time in their day and it’s sure to be a big hit with the recipient! A gift certificate is the perfect gift for:
Birthdays, weddings and anniversaries/div>
Holidays - Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day
New parents
Corporate gift for clients/employees/the boss
New homeowners
Elderly parents or friends
Busy singles and families
Anyone on a special diet
People recovering from illness
People who seem to “have everything”

Gift certificates are available for all services offered and Chef Jennifer will be happy to work with you to design a gift package that is perfect for any occasion.

Contact us by phone (917) 648-7013 or email Personal Chef Jennifer at

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